• thaomeow


  • Anonymous

    #25’s belly button\awkward space between his abs, looks like a vagina. Ew.

  • kirah

    MOTHER OF GOD !!!!!!!! #25 FIND HIM!!!!!!! WOW

    • tomato

      i actually find those abs a turn off and a little weird

  • aciekay

    #21 i don't always go for this look, but when i do… i just wanna smother 'em with kisses. #28 gimmeeeeee.

  • Shar11

    #5…come over quick!!

  • Katie

    Holy #25!!! BAM! Pregnant!

  • PA Chivette

    #10….AWWWWWW!!! #28….report to my bedroom NAO!!!

  • tomato

    #5 hot and good in the yard? yes please. FIND HIM

  • Dawnabelle

    #7 not only hot but if he enjoys books that are in the background there he's a keeper!

  • Sonia

    Need moar of #21!

  • Ellington3

    thank-you berry sooo much for shirtless fridays!! ❤
    its all good!

  • http://twitter.com/angel_elle @angel_elle

    I need some of these in my life now! after being single for almost 2 months…I need some fun! lol ^_^

  • mcs

    #10 I want to hug both of you
    #20 lol at the friend in the mirror

  • Cat

    #10 BAM! Pregnant. OMG I just can't resist hot shirtless men smiling at me whislt holding adorable baby animals. SWEET JESUS MY OVARIES!

  • Beth

    #7 makes me daydream

  • Jules

    Yeah, I'm not attracted to these sort of men. I guess I like the more rugged type. Mountain man anyone??

  • http://noneexistsyaknow.wordpress.com stevenfbrackett


    So many different levels of GROSS!! YUCK!!

  • Alexis

    can some one please find me because that is kind boyfriend that i need
    # 1 # # 24 # 28

  • Keala


    Hi I'm single

  • Cassie

    #15 is ridiculous…

  • TAM

    Jesus Murphy come 'er boys!!

  • kate

    #10 has the most perfect body…❤

  • kc_chivette

    #29 ill take one! yumm:)

  • Jose

    #27 might be the most attractive man I've ever seen and I'm a guy that was straight before this photo

    • Chelsea

      this guy has been on the berry before. im in love with him. if you find him, tell me!!!!!
      hes the absolute definition of handsome.

  • Ashley

    #13 and 27 are perfect!!!! Find them for mde:)

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