BERRY hot men: Hot glasses (28 photos)


Click HERE for hotties in sunglasses!

  • Julie

    #18…There you go berry…now please, a post of him!

  • simpson

    #18 MOAR!
    Will The Berry be doing a hot dude calendar for next year?! The Chive has one with Chivettes?! :)

  • Marie

    not impressed.. the berry needs to step it up with hot guys. How about some bulge? ;)

  • rocklesson86

    It is hard to choose which one looks the best. They all look good in them.

  • Coralie

    *Sigh* Be still my geeky heart <3

  • @shibsta


    Glasses, tattoos, and a beard. Nothing sexier!

  • Tam tam

    Who is model #18?!?! What’s his name?

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