• NolaGoddess1978

    #23 is me and my Beloved Harlie (2000-2010). She was a rescued Greyhound that everyone fell in love at first sight with. I miss her everyday.

  • lulu

    #1 cute dog, hot guy!

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #25 OH MY GOD! I just made the most childish SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE after seeing this! LOL

    • Jentheoriginal

      please send more of this one! I want a frenchy so bad!

  • Maren

    #39 And napping in 3…2…

  • caity

    #1 is that a bluetick hound? My boyfriend has one and she is SO SILLY AND CUTE (just like this puppy)

  • tomato

    #15… and we would be beyond happy to see your face on theBerry! find him!

  • Erin

    #13…poor baby. This has happened to my dog on both knees. He was out of commission for a while each time, but now he's better than ever!

    • Nancy

      Hopefully it won't happen in her other knee. Poor thing, she was so miserable. It was a long winter. She didn't get to see her doggie park friends for almost 3 months.

  • thaomeow

    #26 Does the one on the right eat all of the one on the left's food? Lol. He's/she's so chunky.

  • A Nonny Mouse

    #24 – you appreciate music and animals AND you have nice arms…❤

    • mcs

      love the chive in the background too

    • gugs

      he's single too

      • l.h

        single you say?😄 me likey.

  • Alexandra

    #20, trim your dogs nails. jeez.

  • http://twitter.com/vickieAM @vickieAM

    #41 sorry about your puppy passing away….but umm…"pasted away'?

    • Glenn

      Let’s just call that an emotional fat finger. Yes that was my doing, my picture, my pup. It’s been three months and I still miss him. Rescued him from a shelter and will do it again soon.
      Thanks Berry for posting. Love the pet photos.

  • danielle.

    #7 was my puppy, Dexter, he passed away on nov. 9/11 and we miss him like crazy. this is his second time on theBerry and i'm so happy to share his cuteness with my fellow chivettes

  • mcs

    so many guys with animals and I LOVE it. we need another hmotb post of guys with animals.

    • NolaGoddess1978

      I agree

  • nayala

    hi, ya i want #1…both of them.

  • julianne jayasekera

    i have the same type of dog in the #20 pic her name is jessie!

  • val

    I love them all obviously but #27 is my fave because he is so random
    go benjamin!

  • Purple Magic

    too many goggies

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