• thisgirl

    still waiting for the black history month post…

    • Ched

      Will there be a White History month?

      Or an Asian History month?

      Or an Arab History month, and so on?

      You know equality and all that…? Got to be fair…..

      • susieQ

        minority history/heritage months are a way of making up for what's still lacking at all other times in our mainstream cultural, educational, and other societal settings — that is, a fully integrated and proportionally accurate representation of racial and ethnic minorities… A lot of white people just don't think it's right or fair that it's widely considered okay for people who aren't white to get together under the name of their race or ethnicity, but it's not considered okay for white people to do that. Black history month is a way of reasserting, and even repairing, something about a racial group that white supremacist ideology and practice has long denigrated, and damaged. Throughout the history of the U.S., and of the West more generally, the very concept of whiteness itself has been all about dominance of other people and extraction of their labor and resources. As a result, white people are still the group that's generally on top, which means that there's no corrective reason — nor a good celebratory one — for white people to gather together as members of their race.

        • flgrl

          I think for the most part, white history month has been every month we were in history class in school. It may be hard for white people to understand. I felt the same way…I'm white but with ancestry in Native American roots as many do, but reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me" helped open my eyes to real American History. I still a great deal of animosity towards caucasians in general, as in the above stated comment. However, if we really listen to the words of MLK Jr, his dream was for a world where everyone shared equality and walked hand-in-hand. After all we are the HUMAN race.

    • flgrl

      Well why wait for someone else to do it, get going and write one. you can't rely on other people to carry out your own convictions.

  • aggiemuse

    #8 and #9 LOVE king cake!

  • cosmicdenmother

    #20 La Divina! My favorite gelateria in the world.

  • My_3_Things

    #15 Jagermeister Beads… Etsy here I come!

  • Megan

    American kids think nudity and sex will make their kids sckois but they let them watch R movies with torture and murder, and play M games with the same it’s odd.

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