• Beck

    So true my friends… So ture

  • caait.e

    he should probably get rid of his facebook and youtube account. reeally 'stick it to the man'

  • Pedro

    "you are not a model" accurate.

  • vikk

    The model comment he made! OMG so true, just because a boy takes a picture of you in your underwear with a canon, you are not Giselle! Girl please!!

  • daniella

    this is really funny and so so true haha

  • Peachy Chick

    Bahahaha "certain people" love it !

  • mmmm


  • beegirl

    True Story! I hate when people post 20 things about there day, everyday. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abbey

    Hahaha this video is 100 % right on the money !!!

  • Trent

    Some of these are true, most can be changed if you ever took the time to learn how to use Facebook, but mostly, I can't take anyone who has hats hanging on their wall seriously.

  • Cbat

    man…. this kid is a beauty!

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