• aciekay

    #10 and this is why you were king of bacchus. #14 nommm.

  • Katie

    #8 the internet has made afraid to do things like. I was waiting for something to pop up… still didn't try it because I'm at work and that would look silly:) someone let me know what happens.

    • doglover1967

      It just makes your eyes cross so that it looks like you're seeing the woman go through the hoop. :-)

      • ilmill

        Is that so?

    • Maureen

      Me too!!!! I was waiting for the exorcist girl to pop up! The internet has me living in fear!!!

      Here's the question: Can i trust the Berry to not pull that kind of crap? hmmm…

  • RedRuby131

    is me right now

  • PA Chivette

    #31…Oh, HAI, Chris Pine!!! You are quite yummy!:)

    • ilmill

      Captain Kirk rebooted…

  • MsAnonymous

    #1 I'm gonna get me some

  • pop

    #14…truly better with age…

    • Kellor

      Agreed. Definitely hotter now than when he was younger.

    • DistractedCO

      Like a fine wine, mmmmm:)

  • jnj

    #36 so true.

  • Stephanie

    #1 I want ten of these in my mouth… right now! Love the sprinkles!

  • VampJenn

    #39 i loved that moment. Chandler is my favorite

  • kneehigh


    I think Alex Pettyer is cute and all, but I swear – one day he's going to flap those ears and fly away….

  • Felicia

    #25 Just ugly😦 Not more of those, please!

  • Holly

    You guys seriously need the 'pin it' button on these pictures!!!

  • SadeShadz

    #6 Mario Kart ^_^
    #7 Cool!
    #10 So fucking true!

  • marikkita

    #14 so so sexy!!

  • http://twitter.com/Hannah_1123 @Hannah_1123

    #40 I stinking love this guy…. for real I watched I Am Number Four and I thought I was going to die.. then I watched it again so I could stare…

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