• Susan

    #15 heh

  • JOHN

    #10 I don't have a middle finger large enough

    • lucy

      Also, check out the search option right below it! Seriously what is with people!

  • http://trollblogg.blogg.no Finfrosk

    Hey! Nr. 3 – Go Norway!

  • Lisa

    #9: standard in China. at least it's porcelain and not just a hole in the ground…
    #27: dick move. don't care if he was trying to be cute I would be PISSED.

    • Katie

      I agree no one should propose on a phone first of all and that's just not funny. But I don't think it's real. The font looks funny.

  • mimi

    #27 I'd be pissed

  • Eh.

    #1 What kind of a jerk would disobey that sign. Learn how to read A-hole!!

  • Hope

    #8 wtf?
    #9 is common in China at least.

  • April C.

    #27 I'd be pissed. Not just because I thought he was breaking up, but because he asked to marry her through a text message!!!!!

  • stevenfbrackett

    # 1

    Besides the obvious — why does a temp agency need with a drive through?

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