• future-giraffes

    hah love it!

  • Liz_O

    😄 Love this! Anytime I can get away with it, I'm wearing a shirt with a video game, super hero, sci-fi, fantasy, or cartoon reference on it.

  • Charlie

    'Too' old.
    sorry, i have grammar anxiety berry.

  • cait

    *never TOO old for a cartoon shirt

  • LunaSelene

    #8 where can I get these?

  • http://pinki-design.com Laura

    These are all fashionable and cute! I know 40 year old women who wear disney sweatshirts from the 90s. Then it is not acceptable lol.

  • Hope

    #15 or #19

  • stevenfbrackett

    Yeah, you can be too old for cartoon t-shirts.

    Not sure if you are – just ask yourself this one question: Have I finished High school. If the answer is 'yes' – it's time to give the t-shirts to the Goodwill.

    The ONLY exception is if wearing one is somehow required for your job. Really, you look, at best, silly, but usually the look is just dumb and immature once the teen years end..

    • Beena Dorgan

      Totally disagree with you I'm afraid. If you wear it right you can look good and still have fun win it. It's never wrong to let the inner child out, keeps you you young xD

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