• MsAnonymous

    #5 #10 Yes, eat it!

  • Abbey

    #11 Awe too cute #34 Channing Tatum I❤ you !!!

  • kirah

    #39 MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! love it !

  • Lisa

    #31 still turned out better than I would have drawn it

  • sally3

    #15 WANT

  • AnnaMarie

    #36 #37 I see what you did Megan

  • berryhappy

    #32 droooool

  • alyson

    #21 i think everyone has one of those friends

  • Kells Bells

    #37 I'm a secretary. This has become my new desktop wallpaper for my work computer. Love it!

  • Liz_O

    #11 Me thinks this is how Harry Potter would have been had his parents not been killed.
    #17 That is pretty awesome.

  • Val

    #16 He's still mega sexy in my book! ;D

  • vanessa d

    #33 and #34
    i LOVED the vow!! i cried the whole time!
    too cute

  • Penny

    #22 I'll be your date❤

  • cowabunga

    #19 i was laughing so hard i couldn't scroll the screen down and kept watching it and laughing even harder and longer. thanks berry

  • lilabyday

    #29 more bryan greenberg!

  • jenndawl

    #27 I love my friend so much that I helped her bake cupcakes to celebrate her Camaro's first build date birthday…. Yes we lead an exciting life!

  • Ched

    Quick note, he punches girls.

    • thisgirl

      that's not Chris Brown

  • Kimmy


  • Candice

    #13 … woo hoo Harry potter love!

  • awhite2020


    Is a 17 year old Harry drinking a bottle of liquor in this?

    • KenniBakes

      How do you know he's 17? Plus, isn't the drinking age across the pond under 21?

      • awhite2020

        Oh I was just guessing his age because he looks really young in this pic, I would actually guess he is younger than 17. Regardless of age I just think it's funny how it looks like he has a whole bottle booze or wine while he eats his own entire pizza and everyone else has their own whole pizza…get a plate and have some respect guys!

  • awhite2020


    Even that kid realizes it's not fair how handsome that guy is!

  • girlyskullhead

    #23 "like" if you feel bad for the kid..

    • Janice

      Shame I really feel bad for that little guy!!!😦


        Messed up making that kid walk the runway when he was crying… wait… no… he got paid mucho bucks… don't feel sorry for his bank account.

  • Pamela

    more please?

  • soda pop

    #10……fricken great…..those cats are so saying that.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #17 are awesome.
    #20 made me laugh.

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