• VampJenn

    #17 wow…yep. he's just stunning.

  • SadeShadz

    #9 #17 OH MY GOD!!! Yayayayaaaaay!! ♥ Heh heh… *back to normal!

  • Aaron

    It's amazing how much he looks like Heath Ledger, especially comparing #16 to http://liberal-debutante.com/wp-content/uploads/2

    • Lynne

      I was just about to post that he must have been channeling Heath in that pic!

  • mcs

    JGL is too adorable for words.

  • flibble

    I soooooo would.

  • Susan

    This is the kid that was on 3rd rock from the sun? I never put it together. Thanks Berry :-p

  • Jamie

    He's just perfect

  • Karen

    #7 Well no…because…he's gay.😄

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  • Lindsey

    favorite eye candy! thanks berry!

  • adfsadf

    #31 I will always remember him as Tommy! I love that show so much, he's brilliant.

  • Alicia

    # 10
    So happy, but where the 10 things I hate about you pics?

  • diamante

    He's my first celebrity crush:)

  • Ellington3

    He is just so charming and cute!:)

  • Jessica

    #4 and #14 I love how cute and sexy he is!

  • Mlynn

    Lovely!!!!! I need a me JGL!!!!

  • jeni_necropolis

    What mesmerizing eyes he has!

  • Nathy

    Yay!!!😀 Luv him!!!

  • jdanielep22

    omfg… im in love!!!

  • vesper003


  • Karen

    mmmm I love, LOVE him in a suit.

  • LunaSelene

    Oh sweet me oh my. I want his dimples in my babies.

  • Karri

    JGL and Zooey just need to get together already. They make such a cute couple.

  • rocklesson86

    He hot and he is a good actor.

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