• Daisy

    #34 and #35 NO.

  • Susan

    #35 I love that colour!

  • Dawnabelle

    #3 I never liked color diamonds but this changes my mind. I get it!

  • Shar11

    #13….love it….now gotta come up with somewhere between 10k-120k for this purse……

    • A BiPolar Guy

      wow I had to look this up ate the Hermes tore. Not directed at you, we all like to dream – but for the people who actually buy, one word – WHY? I'm not a woman and not into clothes at all so I put this in my terms. I love computers. I have a spiffy laptop. I'm trying to imagine spending 10x-100x as much for one that doesn't look any better or function any better. Of course I know there are men who do the equivalent. For them I have the same question. Can they think of no better use for the money in our needy world?

  • Shar11

    I agree with you…we all like to dream….but yes 120k for a purse is a bit ridiculous…I can def think of a million other things to spend that money on, like a down payment for a house…. but you know how the rich are they will buy just about anything that shows wealth….this is the whole thing about this purse to show your rich…its from Hermes…they are birkin purses… the cheapest at 9k and go up too 120k!!!

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