• Coribeth

    #9 Photoshop fail!

    • Ellington3

      That looks rather creepy!

    • ChelseaRules

      Lord, I pray that is 'shopped.

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      He probably thinks he looks awesome too, and that all the ladies want him..

  • Katie

    Oh. M. Gee. Love me some Chace Crawford!

  • A Nonny Mouse

    haha #38 i have two exams tomorrow!!! i wonder if my fellow Dundodian Berrier will see this comment and know i mean her?

  • srhchlsn

    #2 My new wallpaper!
    #20 Yes I did read this sentence 7 times while stressing a different word each time…Twice.

    • Natalie K.

      #20 Same hurr.

    • http://beautifulbroken-tangeria.blogspot.com tangeria

      not only did i read it seven times, but i caught myself making seven different faces to go with it…=)

      • Sarah

        Lol me too. And didn't realize it until you mentioned it.

  • lulu

    What is #34? and how do I make it?!

  • Charlotte

    #14 is sexy.

    • Tiffanie


  • Paige

    #9 W…….T………F

  • caity

    #14… we would have some hot near-sighted babies.

  • Ellington3

    I miss those days when wishes were that simple.:)
    This is cute!

  • Peeds

    #14 we have a lot of love for you!!!

  • Lilly

    #14 RIGHT.HERE.

  • hawaiigirlie001

    #14 You would make me get in a car accident if I saw you walking down the street while I was driving.

  • aciekay

    #5 utilizing this in 3…2.. #14 NEED. now! nerds are my kryptonite.

  • asd

    #21 love

  • bandit

    I really hope that 37 is fake. I can appreciate a 'joke' answer, but that is an overall terrible question with terrible answers. The hot weather represents the plot 'heating up?' Oh my god.

  • KellsBells

    #19 I LOL'd so hard I almost pissed myself! Berry, more of these please!!!

    • lisa

      BAHAHA!!! I kinda giggled when I saw this pic, but I full on snorted and laughed out loud when I read your comment. Thank you! haha :)

  • MsAnonymous

    #31 to hell what anyone thinks laugh anyway

  • MSG

    Tempted to hand out #5 to all the cute scientists I work with…

  • zpadilla

    #14 oh god #26 #2 :}:}

  • Jocelyn

    Thankyou for making my day a little bit brighter:)

  • melon

    #20 haha i wasted some time with this:)

  • Nikki K

    #14 I love geeks in glasses! You definitely deserve to be shown some love:)

    A loyal chivette

  • cassiei6

    #9 – velociraptor?

  • Nathy


  • motherjugs

    I don't care what kind of face he pulls, I wouldn't kick #19 out of bed for eating crackers, I love me some Hugh Jackman

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