BERRY hot men: Shirtless friday (29 photos)


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  • Jess


  • kirah

    i'll take the whole lot….not need to wrap them up….just include extra napkins!

  • ceej

    I love Friday.

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  • lisa

    Thank you BERRY! You make Fridays even more fantastical. :)

    I'd really love to know what #9 looks like. Rawr!

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    […] Check out these BERRY hot (and shirtless) men: Happy Friday! (The Berry) […]

  • Shar11

    #25…#9……thank you!!! I love fridays…… so hot….I wish every guy looked like this.<3

  • Annonymouse75

    I need a cold shower now…..preferably with all of them for company!

  • SaraIsPrincess1

    Marry me, #28

  • Anni

    #3 #4

  • keks


    Tom Hardy YUM!!! :*

  • Ben

    Nice to see The Berry supporting the gay porn sites in #14.

  • tomato

    #13 NOLE!!
    #20 wow— FIND HIM what's on his left pec?

  • Kellor

    #29 I love hot, playful guys.

  • Jentheoriginal

    #17 – they are all having sex with eachother.

  • simpson

    #29 MOAR :)

  • Abbey

    #3 He is hot and that pic is too adorable !!

  • Jody

    #2 WOW made me just stop and stare

  • MsAnonymous

    #4 that smile
    #26 hello again

  • krystal

    #4 and #8 Love those smiles!!

  • Sophia

    #8 and that gif at the end made me laugh!

  • Gordita

    #14 is porn stars! Seriously, you girls need to get more of these men. The men of gay porn will explode your ovaries more than ever. Most of the guys you post aren’t even that hot.

  • Ram


  • Nastja

    In loveee with this guy!!

    • Nastja


  • Coralie

    Dear sexy ass men: All of you report to my room NOW!

  • TAF

    Did anyone else notice # 22 !! He plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO's Trueblood. SO yummy.

    • Anonymous

      I don't watch the show but a friend does, and as soon as I saw him, I was like, oooo I know who that is! But couldn't remember the name. Thanks!

  • rocklesson86

    I love to see a guy with his children. It just makes him so much sexier. I don't want date one with a child, but they still look hot. I love number 22. He is smoking hot.

  • Alexis

    #25 #19 #8 # 2# #1 # 12 wow this guys are so damn sexy i wish wood take them home with me lay right next them very day.

  • YellowStar

    i volunteer to judge the pose-down for #29 :D

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