• paper_doll

    bahaaha that was great,

  • no1ukno

    *asks 6 year old* I mean how did Dolphin Tale compare to….Tree of Life?
    Awkward pause.

  • nayala

    kids are awesome :]

  • Tiffanie

    I’ve been married for arnoud 4 years and been living with my husband for arnoud 9 years now. He gives me the silent treatment all the time, but would not talk about it after he snaps out of it. Since he does not talk about it, I do not always know the problem However, I am fed up now. I might have hurt him somehow by being dismissive or not paying attention to whatever he asked, but reality is that I work as much as he does (even more), I cook, take care of the kids, the house I feel I do a lot and he does not move one finger. I am tired of the silent treatment and I threw the towel on my marriage. I am working on my plan out. I am putting the house for rent and will ask him to find his own place once we find a renter. He does not want to talk to me? I can’t live with a man who does not respect me and emotionally abuse me like this. I can’t deal with it anymore, nor I want to be abused my whole life like this. I never yelled at him ( I do yell to the kids sometimes because they do not always obey me), but that’s about it. I’ve been very stressed out about our finances and maybe I stopped being fun. I do not like to live like this and before it affects my kids I am leaving, hopefully in good terms (assumming he will continue with the silent treatment, I will be far gone by the time he snaps out of it).

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