Afternoon eye candy: Justin Timberlake (34 photos)

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  • BombTronBecky

    So, I'm a girl into tattoos, I have a bunch myself, but am I the only one that finds his tattoos kind of…. obnoxious? Hahaha.

    • Shar11

      I agree I was thinking the same when I was looking at this post….

      • Trisha

        Those tattoos are actually fake and were for his role in the movie Alpha Dog.

  • Tori

    Berry, this is great but no old-school boy band N'sync pics!? I know the hotness level is slightly less, but even then JT was adorable.❤

  • zookeeper

    Fortunately, they were only done for a movie. He doesn't really have all those tattoos.

  • D.J.

    Not a fan.

  • Jessica

    #30 I wish he would sing again! I loved his last album!

  • _Skye

    Some men really age well…he is so handsome now.

  • kingforever


  • rocklesson86

    I just want to do him and all the rest of NSYNC. He is so sexy. Jessica Biel is one lucky girl.

  • KelGreen

    I didn't appreciate how hot he was until just now, thanks Berry

  • SadeShadz

    #3 #15 Great job Berry! He's so handsome!!!

  • BombTronBecky


  • Shan Mon

    Thank you Berry – there should be a Justin mega post every. Single. Day.

  • Danielle Lej

    YUMMO!! My favorite for reals…. Thank you, Berry!

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