• James

    #24 is the most powerful gif i have ever seen. who is she? i need to know more about her:) x

    • Dan

      Her name is Jo-louise. She has a tumblr.
      She was diagnosed with an ewings sarcoma, A bone tumour, In her shoulder blade. She was under-going chemo and occasionally blogged about it. Some jackass anon trolls started harassing her, claiming she was lying about everything calling her an attention whore.
      I believe she made the gif to prove her point.

      • Dan

        I should add she had her shoulder blade removed and has since gotten the all clear.

  • Emma

    #17 Would you care to give us ladies a demonstration?

    • Katie

      See The Vow and you WILL see a demonstration😉

  • elvishlady

    #4 I feel like no matter how random the place I find images around the internet for my tumblr, they are on Berry within a week. You guys are either stalking me or we're soul mates. I'll go with the latter.
    #35 I absolutely need these. But damn overpriced Etsy. Struggling artists should understand the lacking funds of poor college students😦

  • Seldi84

    #29 Is amazing.
    #34 agreed.

  • Chan

    #11 McDonald's fries are so dry to begin with, they really lack moisture so they are going to dry out very quickly and mold very slowly. Especially compared to the KFC fries which if I recall are big thick steak cut fries. Unless they changed, haven't been to KFC in a while because Popeye's is SO MUCH BETTER!

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      I don`t eat either , they both suck , give me burger king anyday

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    #24 May your courage be rewarded with strength … Best wishes to you.

  • SadeShadz

    #12 awwww por doggy!😦
    #13 is too cute!!! ^_^
    #7 I do what I want!

  • Susan

    #6 so true. A few years ago I pulled out some records to play for my sons. They were amazed but what really blew their minds was when I flipped it over and played the other side

  • April C.

    #17 Winning

  • JessiJ

    #24 a beautiful girl…much more so with out the wig:) My heart goes out to those with cancer….going through chemo and radiation, also to those who have lost ones they loved.

  • luckystar1121

    #2 I have the same calendar:)

  • diamante

    #15 recipe please❤

  • mcs

    As a bio major, all I could think of when I saw #37 is: That's not a normal sinus rhythm. Your heart is doomed anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/uablthrash @uablthrash

    #11 Just another reminder for me to stay away from McDonald's

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #15 looks amazing! Care to share your recipe?

  • BryPuck

    #24- I didn't even notice what she were doing, because i was lost in her eyes and beautiful smile. Can we please FIND HER on CHIVE?

    • zpadilla

      ^ faith in men….Restored :}

  • thaomeow

    #17. Oh, my. His wife is one lucky lady!

  • ann

    wow #24

  • Shar11

    #39…something very sexy about this pic

  • Candice

    #7 ….. hahahahaha!

  • Derek

    #24 Beautiful either way!

  • Anonymous

    #22 Is beautiful! And I waaaaaant #36 !!!

  • jessie

    #22 um holy crap wow! want.

  • Nataly

    #24, you are so much more beautiful without the hair! Stay strong, lovely.
    & #38, Toluca Lake!? That's where I used to live! I think I might actually know that area you found that😉

  • Clairesheba

    #24 you are amazing. who needs hair anyway! keep smiling:) #33 totally my mutt

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