• RedRuby131

    why would you need a zip on this?

    • kristinsatiable

      you probably wouldn't but it's still super cute:-)

  • Candice

    #23 … i want this!! Where can I find it?

    • Austrian

      Mh cant remember exactly but i think i saw it @zara

  • socalmarti

    #6 Oh man it's like fucking 1989 again!!!

  • Addictedonberry

    #14 Whos that girl? I saw her on other pictures too… want to know her naaaame :S

    • arwen

      Her name is Andy T:)

  • Cgooding91@gmail.com

    I need all of these blouses to report to my closet.

  • Clairesheba

    #2 I want the whole outfit!

    • Addictedontheberry

      It's Vanessa Hudgens

  • arwen

    #1 #9 Excessive amounts of want.

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