Daily Awww: Child charm (38 photos)


Click HERE for babies!

  • SadeShadz

    I like #4 seems so natural and I had to say AWWW!!

  • Shar11

    #24…looks like baby drake….

    • SaraIsPrincess1

      I was just about to say the same thing…I really feel like that could be him. Or his secret love child?! hahaha

      • Shar11

        I think It might be him as baby….not sure but holly, if its not. def could pass as his love child…

  • Lisa

    #14: leash backpack ftw!

  • socalmarti

    #12 brought a tear to my eye… Me too, me too, I'm a pretty ballerina too!!! :')

  • Christy

    #9 My baby girl #19 All grown up! Mommy loves you , Dylana!! <3

  • Abbey

    Aww I love Kids :) #6 What a beautiful little girl #8 haha too cute !!!

  • sfieetjj

    #6 What a beauty! :)

  • ChelseaRules

    #35 She was cool before she knew it was cool to be cool.

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