• SadeShadz

    #6 Reminds me of the movie…

    • Eh.

      The end of MIB?

      • SadeShadz

        lol na, Jawbreaker – I think that's the name😛

  • http://twitter.com/heidenserin @heidenserin

    #16 I'm a teacher and still work with these things every day – no nostalgia for those in Germany! 😉

    • kelly_7474

      It´s also being use everyday in Argentina

  • Suz129

    I really want to say that these were the good days but then #24

  • CeigeJay

    #12 Oh I miss the roller rink! That was where all us cool people went right?

    • Lisa

      Totally. I had my 5th grade birthday party at one because I was awesome.

  • me2

    #16- Still for sale at Office Max! Saw one the other day, it made me smile,

  • Sarah

    #18 – BEST. SHOW. EVER. I remember sitting on my dad's lap when I was little and watching this show for hours. He fell asleep within the first ten minutes, but I always woke him up in time to see the finished product.
    #27 – "Because it is time has come…" Oh, did they mean ITS? I can't believe some things actually get published with incorrect grammar.

  • Krista Kool

    This post takes me bak more than the others, I still remember the smell of rented rolerskates and the taste of the Kissing Koolers after applying liberally a hundred times a day and rolling up the sleeves of my OP tshirt. Good times.

    • Erin

      Sounds like a summer day back then…

  • Lisa

    #18: happy clouds!

  • kristinsatiable

    I started to write down all the numbers I wanted to put here until I realized I was writing down ALL the numbers. Awesome post. You guys are obviously children of the 80's & 90's:-)

  • oofale

    miss these days..



  • amandiola

    #1 I still have my Barbie and the Rockers Out of this World VHS. Pure awesome.

  • Theresa

    #6 I still eat those haha!

  • guest

    #20 I wanted to own every one of these when I was 12!

    • April

      I loved these! I loved the mint one!

  • Afura

    Man does this bring back memories. I'm going to go get my walker…

  • rae

    #1 I sent my younger brother down a hill in mine best gift ever!

  • Hope

    #3 and #7 still have both

  • http://twitter.com/Hannah_1123 @Hannah_1123

    #21 this was literally on my wall when I was like 13!

  • misslyon

    #21 I had this book! Look at how cute Prince William was!

  • Ellington3

    I loved Sailor Moon, my favourite was Sailor Pluto!

    The can image is vile but I do miss Cherry Coke! I wish they would bring it back!:)

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