• Meeeee

    #18 Tom Ford is just straight up amazing… and MMMMMmmmmm #29 Chris Pine!!!❤ men in suits!

  • http://trollblogg.blogg.no Finfrosk

    Apparently theBerry would like a gay boyfriend.. :p

    • JOHN

      As good as you look in that hoodie or 3 button pinstripe suit that is two sizes too large you might consider putting some effort into your attire. You could see a turnaround in your Saturday night jerkoff session because hot chicks start to see you as an adult. And even if you are satisfied with your love life you could simply heed the advice of your predecessors and dress like you give a damn because dressing like an adult can actually garner a higher degree of respect from your peers. Enjoy your Xbox in your parents basement.

      • http://trollblogg.blogg.no Finfrosk

        Haha! Ooh, struck a nerve, did I? Most of those outfits are gay-looking to me, thats all.
        Real men don't have to spend hours putting together outfits and grooming their faces and fixing their hair to look good, they just do straight outta the box! And I do have a girlfriend, and she happens to be one of those "hot chicks" you speak of. :p I dont really want to be seen as an adult tho, adults and adulthood is boring.

        • Cindy

          I totally agree. These guys look like they are trying way too hard. Even the casually dressed guys clearly spent too much time putting together just the right "casual – I could care less" outfit. Yuck. Way too Fem. o.0

          • Ricky

            @ Finfrosk apparently your girlfriend likes a bum for a boyfriend.

            • http://trollblogg.blogg.no Finfrosk

              Yeah, a handsome bum with a killer body.😉
              Why do you assume I look like a bum, just because I don't like those dolled up looks?

            • JOHN

              I see no difference between men who appreciate the aesthetic of clothing and those who like architecture. I learned to appreciate this stuff because of my grandfather, and he was a fly ass gangster. Plus its a shitload more productive way to channel my OCD than rearranging my room fifty times a day.

      • Art

        Actually, these are waaaaay less gay looking than they used to be. The first few weeks of this gallery were atrocious. To where even most of the women were saying they'd rather have their men in jeans and a sports tee than what was being posted here. Its much more respectable now. Still some looks u'll only see in the snobbiest of places on the creepiest of guys but for the most part, not bad.

        • setsonthebeach

          @ Finfrosk: I think you need to consider your choice of words. I understand that you are not into dressing this way, and that not every guy in the world does, whether it be because of their personal income to spend on "nicer" looking clothes, choice of attire or for any other reason. However, calling an outfit "gay" because you think that that's what the stereotypical gay guy dresses like is what puts me off a bit. Yes, freedom of speech is cool and all, but using the word "gay" to describe something you think of in a negative way is, in my opinion not the way to go. Straight guys wear this stuff too. Famous designers such as Max Azria, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein and Elie Saab are all happen to be straight male designers.

  • JOHN

    #14 is Rad and #17 is masterful. That type of pattern clash actually working is extremely difficult. 17 has just enough insanity to make that shit work.

  • JOHN

    #9 tie clip fail

  • Candice

    #11 … pretty sure that is what my boyfriend wears. He is a t-shirt kind of guy…I don't think I could get him to wear any of these other outfits. haha

    • JOHN

      Thats because you call them "outfits"

      • Candice

        What would you call them then?

    • kelc

      ditto, my bf has this exact shirt along with many other ones. i thought maybe hed grow out of it but he's 30 now…

  • Sarah

    #29 Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.❤

  • Cindy

    No. Nope. None of this is stuff I wish my manly rugby player husband would wear. Way too, um, what's the word? Polished? Fem? Whatever – too put together for my taste. They all look they are trying way too hard to be trendy – #4 is especially painful

    • JOHN

      After reviewing several forums on women's clothing expenses the average American Woman seems to spend over $1000 ANNUALLY on clothes. I have seen estimates that also show women spending well over $1500. Of course these figures are also gauging women with time to answer questions like these. I have little disposable income at the moment and could double my casual wardrobe with $1500. But given the time and money women put in to looking as polished as they do, I use the minuscule budgeted money I have to display at least a fraction of their effort. And I think my effort shows that I care, not that i am some little bitch

      • Ricky

        Agree John. Cindy, I think it is pretty easy to see that a majority of these pictures are from a fashion/clothing magazine shoot/ad so of course they are going to look "Polished" or "to put together." And I think the berry's purpose of these threads is just to show a variety of ideas that you wish your boyfriend would wear, not the exact outfit. Take it from me, Im the Ricky from #28 and I was able to put something together similar without trying "too hard."

  • ano nimus

    well i agree that some of these outfits are bit too much for everyday use. like if you're shopping or going to work/school.

    but whats wrong with wearing some thing like #4 for a meeting or a semi formal event?

    some guys want to dress up and look nice too.

    ladies complain that guys dont dress up nice or dont have any sense of style, and when they do they complain that they dress up too much and look too effeminate. honestly it annoying.

    i feel like there's no middle ground

    • JOHN

      The difference between men and women's fashion is a lot like the photo theChive posted this week regarding how men and women see colors differently. Women's clothing has a finer gradient and the lines between formal and informal are blurred, probably because many women dress better than we do on a regular basis.

  • hannah

    is it bad that i want the stripy blue and red top to wear as a slouchy jumper? #5

  • did

    There's a recurring problem in these posts – if a jacket or shirt pulls or doesn't hang smoothly, IT'S TOO SMALL! When the bottom of a jacket doesn't stay closed when buttoned, IT'S TOO SMALL!

    That includes #4, #9, #14, #18, #25

    #12 – You don't want him to wear this stuff because you can't see any of it. You want the closet.

    #26 – Don't tuck your pants into your shoes. Seriously, we aren't in elementary school anymore.

    I get you want your man to look fashion model skinny. It isn't a good look for women, and it isn't a good look for men, either.

  • Florica

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  • Splash Down


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