Why can’t it be SUSHI night every night? (35 photos)


Click HERE if you’re still hungry!

  • itsashleybro

    why are you taunting me?

  • kristinsatiable

    I was already excited to be getting sushi tonight… but now I CANT WAIT!! :-D

  • socalmarti

    Can't wait for tommorow sushi night with my family!!!!!

  • ale

    I love sushi so much!

  • Ellington3

    All of it looks so GOOOOD! :)

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  • SadeShadz

    I am afraid to try sushi T_T *sigh*

    • guest

      Go with a friend and share a few things to try it out. It's aaaamazing!!!

      • SadeShadz

        Yes! I should do that! :D

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