Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (70 photos)


Hi all - Berries tune in every Friday to see REAL HOT MEN! You delivered! We can't make this post without you. Do you want to make the cut? You have to get creative. Write theBERRY on yourself or a sign if you're feeling crazy!

Click SUBMIT or mail your pic to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • Dani

    #53 :) what a cutieeeee

  • Chantal

    #30 yes please!

  • Anonymous

    First one. All day :)

  • BounceAround

    Oh wow, #22 you are STUNNING.
    Don't ever rid of that sexy chest hair. Men are meant to be masculine, so keep yourself like that.

  • Hope

    #12-tell him to send in a bunch
    #35-so innocently boy next door cute!
    #67 pretty adorable

  • rocklesson86

    I love 4,5,42,58. Cool to know that you Tahj Mowery at 66.

  • Coralie

    I'm a sucker for sexy eyes. #53 :*

  • KGBean

    #35 and #43!

  • Lindsay

    I would like to have #5's babies.

  • blackbird163

    They all look so handsome :D Thank you guys! You look great <<3

  • @_staceywithane_

    #25 yum ;)

  • BlitheDisregard

    #38 I <3 the RoughNecks. Only sport I watch :D

  • BlitheDisregard

    #20 love the pup, <3 to see more.

  • @supercheryl

    #66 is Michelle's friend Teddy from full House…is it weird that i feel like a cougar for loving this pic?

  • jennyandthejets

    # 4, #8, #48, #58 please report to my house immediately

  • cathy

    #24 has my <3

  • cathy

    Meant #28 has my <3

  • Amy

    #8 and # 26, mhmmm

  • Amy

    #8 and #26, mhmmm

  • Stephanie

    Sooo many sexy men in the world! Yum. More eye candy please :)

  • alwayssunnyinfortmac


  • just me

    #58 is that a Nova Scotia tartan tie I spy?

  • Jenny

    #70 The guy on the left! I like em tall and sexy!

  • Angela

    I don't need to see #9 s face to know hes pretty dang sexy

  • Danyel

    #26 pretty dog and where are you at that view where is it? You are every nice looking

  • Roisin

    #4 is my boyfriend, I took that photo of him at the top of the arc de triomphe , what a beautiful bugger he is. Although I am biased :) I think I may post some more photos for you to appreciate. :) xo

    • arwen

      He is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen on here…please keep 'em coming, you're a lucky girl :)

  • WV Girl

    #9 #47 … great pictures would love to see more… Like a guy who takes good care of himself :)

  • Siobhan

    #30, oh yes please, more of this
    #36, killer smile!

  • hReville

    # 12
    friend is VERY berry worthy, please send more pics!

  • dollybakerton

    some hairy hunks in this post!! MEOW

    #47, lets go fishing

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