• misslisa

    And what a happy Friday it is! They're all awesome, but #15 in particular. I lingered there for a while. :)

  • kirah

    ok ok where do these lovelies form a line??? no need to rush i will see each and every one of them in due time….. DAMN ! what a start to the weekend :p

  • thaomeow

    Is there a specific name for the area, where on the hips, it just dents in? Like #3, #12, #13, #23, #27. Because it's amazing.

    • kirah

      heaven…?? i have a couple more words note sure if i can use them on here though lol

    • Dakota


    • doerte

      seriously. best part of the male body.

    • thaomeow

      Lol. Thank you, ladies. Nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way about them.😉

    • LikesToBerry

      Apollo's Belt, I think?

  • ali19xo

    #28, whoa.

    • Crystal

      my favorite. #28. They actually make humans this perfect?

    • ValerieO

      Yeah, whoa, is right!!! Yummy, yummy!

    • ange

      mmmm, daniel❤
      keep posting him, berry. i don't mind😉

  • Mallory


  • laguera

    #10 he has no idea how to play that thing, lol, that's okay i forgive you.

  • Meeeee

    #28 Daniel Conn❤❤ soooo sexy

  • laguera

    #23 #25 #26 #28 =P

  • jdanielep22

    #28 that is one yummy hunk of man:)

  • Shar11

    MYYYY god…….I LOVEEEE fridays….Honestly I was stuck on each one for a while but I got to say #28,#23, #11…are amazing….but my fav got to say #3 #20>>>> alllll day everyday….

  • anon

    #3 Paul Walker wants to have sex with me right now, he just doesnt know it.

    • Shar11

      omg hes sooooo sexy I want to have babies with him>>>>like 5 of them

  • Sammie

    #11 Is very nearly obscene……..Thank you so much.:)

  • ceej

    #25 yay triathletes😉 assuming that's T1..

  • TNT

    Saw #18 and slid off my chair. Yowza!

  • Emm422


    Bam! Pregnant!

  • Abbey

    #15 Who is he ? he's super cute !!! #28 hot !!

  • G.O

    #28 woah O.O

  • Ellington3

    Thank-you BERRY!

  • Ella

    i'm an atheist but thank you, Lord! ;D

  • Lyndsey

    The hottie in #4, I would do things to. Nuff said!

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  • Bunny

    Where is all the chest hair?! I am sure I am not the only one who likes em a bit more hairy.

  • nayala

    my favorite Australia man!!! #2

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