• ann

    #5 Im sorry but theres no reason anyone should think a 16yr old student and a teacher are a cute couple!

    • socalmarti

      I wish I could vote 10,000 time + 1 on your comment, especially if you live in CA!

    • megan

      I don't understand – this is chuck and blair from gossip girl..

    • Marisa

      Yeah… that's definitely Chuck and Clair from Gossip Girl. They are the same age.

      • Marisa


    • victoria

      that looks nothing like the character from
      pretty little liars xD

      • SadeShadz

        What she said ^^

    • ann

      they changed the picture.

  • lexxy

    #2 love this show and nathan, so sad its ending for good😦

    • sammy

      what show is this from?

      • ladypearl

        One Tree Hill

  • jane

    #5 I'll take Blair/Dan any day of the week, at least with them there are two good actors and not just one. Also no Jeff/Annie?

  • Maz

    #10 Tony and Ziva are not a couple.

    • A Nonny Mouse

      not yet anyway…

      • Haleah

        As much as I would like them to have a thing, I think it would ruin the whole dynamic of the show.

  • jen

    #6 and #3

  • Francesca

    #6 is a huge YES. but #13 should be Damon and Elena instead (even though they're not an official couple, they're still much better than Elena with Stefan)

  • Nicole

    What show is #6?

    • alex

      Downton Abbey!

    • megan

      Downton Abbey

  • Jen

    #1 i love this show but does her acting bother anyone else? i feel like she over does it.

    • me2

      YES!!! and thank you!
      Love him-she drives me nuts.

      • ala

        That's intentional. Shes a high-strung mom trying to keep everything together.

  • Emma

    #14 the best couple ever:)

  • me2

    Show isn't as good since they got married. Makes me sad.

    • arwen

      Was JUST going to say that. I mean, I liked the show up until Michael left, but lost my love for Jim & Pam together (mostly because Pam got all mom on us) once they became a serious couple. I miss their unfulfilled love/flirting.

  • megan

    What show is #7?

    • ladypearl

      Once Upon A Time

  • megan

    What show is #4?

    • mila

      Parks & Recreation

  • simchick1016

    #14 – Saved the best for last.❤

  • Kat

    #2, #10, #13 LOVE THEM =]

  • Ellington3

    Nice list but where are Mitchel and Cameron?

  • Ellington3

    Oh and the two from GLEE…. BLEAH!😛

  • mila

    I second one of the comments above – anybody know where #7 is from?

  • setsonthebeach


  • Candice

    #9 … I waited 6 seasons for them to get together…cannot wait for the show to return!❤

    #13 … I adore this show. And old Stefan. Maybe Elijah and Elena in the future…

  • RandomTask09

    What, no Statler and Waldorf ??

  • arwen

    I really only watch #3 #12 #14, there should definitely be a 90s edition of this post. Becky & Jesse, Monica & Chandler, Buffy & Angel, Zack & Kelly, Cory & Topanga….

  • hannah

    double parks? fantabulous. now we just need ron and bacon

  • Sophie

    I adore #6. They've always belonged together.

  • vera

    #5 they definitely should be together!!!

  • Annie

    No Chuck and Sara? Castle and Beckett?

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