• tomato

    #26 those people are the worst!

    • EHM

      That's when I stomp on the gas pedal, pass these MF's, and then go 20 below the speed limit until they turn onto a different road. It works great with tailgaters as well.

      • me2

        and we wonder where road rage comes from

  • aciekay

    #36 …bikini season, why you so sooooon!?

    • arwen

      I know😦 it's my first day of dieting and it's already killing me.

      • aciekay

        i started on the first. it's death. so many delicious things around me. ugh.

        • Ricky

          Hilarious! I love the flourishy sig. I think it’s so cute that she was tknihing of you. I think she just wanted an excuse to talk to her Mama. .-= Heather Kephart s last blog .. =-.[]Twitter: Reply:October 29th, 2009 at 12:57 pmAmanda created the signature a few years ago. Cool2heme means something, but I have forgotten what. Her friend Emily came up with it. She would never admit she just wanted to talk to me. []

  • Faraday

    #11 #21 HILLARIOUS!

  • Karen

    I can usually scroll past hot guy pics without scrolling back up and looking…but I definitely did a double take at #40.

    • livexstatic

      We're in the same boat lol

      • Ellington3

        I did as well.😀

  • 16inchzipper

    #21 I think you missed one.

  • Andi

    #24 More Donald Glover please

    • Ella

      In my rush of trying to agree with you I accidently clicked thumbs down. *sigh* then proceeded to click the thumbs up button furiously, to no avail. BIG THUMBS UP. Problem solved.

  • Lisa

    I always get sad when I reach the end of these

  • Matt

    #26 stupid cock fags

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    Amazing for Friday reading…

  • Seldi84

    #6 I had to double take on this one.
    #18 Awww.

  • Katherine

    #12 I see Sunchips in that snack machine. I get it.

    • KenniBakes

      There are pop chips too!

  • ashb

    #31 Find Him!

    • Ellington3


  • And

    #9 Who is that?

    • Ellington3

      I think it is Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox switched.

    • mcwilliams

      Shia's face + Megan's head = John Galliano!

    • Salman

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  • DistractedInCO

    #40 sent a shiver up my spine….MMMMmmmm

  • Ellington3

    This is so beautifully made!

  • Ellington3

    this man makes me laugh so hard I cry!:)

  • http://twitter.com/that1mixdchick @that1mixdchick

    #24 please and thank you.
    good god he's hot.

  • Kimmy

    Off the dog's couch girl!

  • arwen

    #7 Love it.
    #29 Either roll it over each time you take a piece or drag your nail along it in each direction to find. Biggest first world problem ever.

  • monica

    Ahww #15 is cute! haha

    • http://www.fedflamingo.blogspot.com Karoline

      Thanks, haha. I did that:)

  • kate

    Is # 27 Vernazza, Italy in Cinque Terre? If not, where is this, does anyone know?

    • cmerritt

      It is!

  • Dawnabelle

    #25 YEP!

  • LittleRebel

    #36 Belgium baby! =P

  • http://redbeardbrewing.com reality

    #24 i like the concept it would actually be pretty hard to ty… aaaaand i just realized it's an actual shoe.

  • omgee

    34-available at kenneth cole! Name is Iron Bound, awesome in person….only for men tho:/

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