• ...

    #35 All you need is the love of a dog!! I lost my puppy ( i say puppy he'd have been 12 this year) this week. Never been so heartbroken.
    #6 Is stunning. Always loved sugar skulls, would make an awesome pattern for a tattoo.

  • Willard

    where did the arrows go?!?!?!??????

  • gracia

    MUST GET my hands on #43 he's painting's hot and i guess he looks hotter.

  • ChangedbyDefault

    #12 Start a band with Bowser
    and my mom: mortal enemies with pikachu

  • Cat

    #50 Please….put down the fish and hold me in those arms FOREVER!❤😀 Seriously. FOREVER.

  • Megan

    #46 – Sugar free ice cream and whipped cream – FAIL!

  • Anonymous

    #61 please more for the love of all things good!

  • thaomeow

    #61, Hook 'em horns!! I wish I could see you around campus.😉
    #15 is hilarious. I dunno, I always liked seeing guys in v-necks.

  • Naomi

    #50 So handsome!❤

  • LikesToBerry

    #6 & #38 =❤ #12 … LOL I have a sword fight with Justin Bieber!

    • LikesToBerry

      Ooops meant #5 not 6… xD

  • Kimmy

    #12 So True…

  • Britt

    #5 Wow!!! Now that's a real man's chest! Wow!

  • Ashley

    #46 – You may be the best Husband/Dad ever!

  • Joey Chastain

    #49 That is my nephew! We Chastain’s come pre-made like that. All good looking!! Love theberry !!! KCCO as always… PaPOW!!

  • EHM

    #5 It seems you have a sunburn. Mind if I run aloe vera all over that sexy chest?
    #12 Yeaaaah! Hosting a TV show with Harry Potter!

  • Mee

    #9 yes.

  • Stacie

    #50 My type of man!

  • Lisa

    #59, Congratulations Emily & Brian. :) Y'all are as cute as you can be. :)

  • nimitzwife122

    #4 Thank you Berry ladies once again for posting my husband and I. I made him check theBerry on ship and he saw our photo and to the ladies who offered the kind words, he truly appreciates the kind words and support.

  • Lyam

    At least my meme made it:-)

  • Lyam


  • rita

    All hot except from that man who killed the fishes. Not hot, actually a bastard.

  • lee

    #19 I had one of these!!!! oooh nostalgia

  • mcs

    #25 looks almost exactly like a pic I took in Mexico a few years ago. Wonder if it's the same place.
    #52 – WANT.

    • Ann

      Where in Mexico? Would really like to go there some day!:)

  • Carly

    I would love #47 is "realized" wasn't spelled wrong..I mean come on

    • Will

      I would love your comment if you used "if" rather than "is" 😛

    • did

      It's British.

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