Afternoon eye candy: Ian Somerhalder (28 photos)

You voted for last Thursday's eye candy! It was soooo close. Chris Evans won but Ian had tons of votes, too!

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  • Tanya

    Berry, you've just made me REALLY HAPPY. Yum!!!!!!!

  • Candice

    He is one amazing actor! And not bad to look at either. =P I think there should be a Vampire Diaries mega-post!! =)

  • jes

    than you for this, i just love himmmm, so muchhh

  • Abbey

    He's so hot !! Love him as Damon on Vampire Diaries.

  • Francesca

    I was having the worst day ever, when I decided to go to the Berry to distract myself and I was SSOOOO HAPPPYY to see this post. god I love him. Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite shows. Thank you for this post!:-)

  • katie

    Thank you berry!!!!!!!

  • Sophia

    My favourite post by far! He's too good looking!

  • madds

    I get so excited whenever I see this guy, and then I realize that he's not Rob Lowe.😦

  • abbie

    Was having such an off day…then The Berry made me grin with this =D

  • notagamble

    #13, oh, he's so beautiful. he makes me so happy.:)

    • notagamble

      oops! i meant #24😉

  • sam

    such a sexy man!!! i love him❤

  • zpadilla

    GOOD GOD those eyes are a gift from above :}

  • Alexis

    Damon > Stefan, enough said.

    • val

      This should be in an encyclopedia or something because it's indisputable fact!

  • RedRuby131

    Thank you berry!!! I will be visiting this post all day:)

  • Velle

    OMFG!!! I LOVE IAN SOMERHALDER!!! THANK YOU BERRY FOR MAKING MY DAY!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! *now droooling all over the screen*

  • Kells Bells

    SWEET BABY JESUS!!! That is one GORGEOUS man!!! It just got REALLY hot in here.

  • SadeShadz

    Its the EYES!!! #4 He is HOT! ♥

  • Miss


  • rocklesson86

    OH Yes. Thank you berry.

  • Anne

    It's like someone hit the rewind button on Rob Lowe.

  • @angel_elle

    yes! thank you!! ^_^

  • Len

    Perfect Christian Grey !!!!

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