• Jules

    Ahhh, schadenfreude.

  • Judy

    aside from that one gentleman, no one seems to care nor help!!!

    • KenniBakes

      I would be afraid that security would tackle me if I tried to climb onto the runway.

  • Jayyy

    At least the clothes hold out?

  • Afura

    I like #30 she kept her face even while falling.😀

  • http://beautifulbroken-tangeria.blogspot.com tangeria

    well, this makes me feel better about how I walk in heels…but why do designers insist on setting these poor girls up for failure? wobble shoes, long hems, slippery runway. i am surprised more people don't crash and burn.

    • Jenny Michele

      Agree.. Clothes should conform to the body, not the other way around. =P

  • Jenny Michele

    Those are some ridiculous shoes.. I bet these ladies have excellent insurance on their legs/ankles/feet.

  • bluenotebetty

    I wore 6 in heels for years until one night, had a few too many vodka's, missed a step at the club, fell over, and snapped my fibula.

    • Blake

      So, in this story, are you condemning the heels or the vodka? Because in my world, heels always take priority…vodka, not so much.

  • Sarah

    I guess the rest of the models are told to just ignore someone who falls. I know my face would not stay modelesque.

  • Maren

    My legs would snap too if they were toothpicks!

  • girlyskullhead

    Do you think they get fired for falling?

  • Ellington3

    If the models cannot walk in those shoes or clothes and they are the professionals how do the designers expect everyday women to walk in and wear those things?

    • kate

      runway designs aren't exactly made to be sold for everyday

  • kate

    is it bad that these almost make me want to go to fashion week more?

  • Candice

    These fashions look like something the inhabitants of the Capitol would wear…

    • Tor

      The future is now

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