Miranda Kerr has 80/20 diet (20 photos)

Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr, revealed a diet secret to Women's Fitness.

"I adopt the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy and organic, 20% indulgent and that works for me and my body personally. I indulge occasionally and avoid counting calories."

Miranda continued, "Ideally when I can, I like to start my day with a fresh pressed green juice with kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lemon. Half an hour later I like to make a smoothie I will then have organic eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. That works for me and is a great way to get my body started for the day. I believe breakfast is one of the most important meals in the day."

So what is her weakness? Miranda likes to indulge on fatty French fries and rich dark chocolate.