• misslisa

    All awesome — #3, #4 (those were the days!), #15 & #16 (where can you get these, seriously?!)

    • arwen

      #16 I'm pretty sure they only have them in France and Italy, maybe a few other places. But I have heard they might come to the U.S. If you live in New York though, they're available at Buon Italia.

  • Lynne

    #28 holy cow!
    #32 AWWW!!!

  • G.O

    #20 looks like a maxi pad😐

  • Peeds

    #11 Where is this place? I want to eat there:-)
    #28 I totally want to trade places with that guy! Awesome!!!

  • Katie

    #31 – Chace Crawford… ::le sigh:: Berry MOAR!!

  • thaomeow

    Was #14 in the Morning Coffee today? I recognized the tat and asked for more. Thanks for listening, Berry! Lol.

    • aciekay

      i'm going to have to revisit the morning coffee. he looks yum. and fun!

  • arwen

    #4 Yes, yes I did. And it was beautiful.
    #7 Puberty done right.
    #39 Cannot stop watching.

  • Abbey

    #4 OMG I did that all the time when I was younger. Still do it now ha ! #11 That is such a cool restereaunt. Where is it ?

  • sarah

    best berry break i have seen in awhile!❤

  • halie2030

    #1 – great shot #22.. very true story

  • annabanana

    #35 WANT

  • sally3

    #8 sexyyy style

  • penny

    #32 i dont need a friggen diamond ring to know my man loves me… its a waste of money, save up and use it for your honeymoon instead.

    • Chris

      Penny, most guys simply like to know that their lady will look at her hand a few times a day, and have that quite little smile of know " he " went to all that trouble of saving for "her".

      Its a guy thing.

      • just sayin

        Moron, it is not a guy thing. Guys feel roped into buying a piece of crap. guys would rather have a big screen TV. Word.

    • kristinsatiable

      A honeymoon lasts what? A week? Two? MAYBE three. A diamond is forever. I'll take the ring please😉

      • doerte

        I'll take both.😛

      • just sayin

        Fail. Waste. Buy some stocks instead. Like Apple. Google. Worth way more in 25 years than your dumb diamond. For sure. You are not so smart.

        • kristinsatiable

          Oooh stocks you say? So you're a romantic. The ladies must just loooove you😉

  • Seldi84

    #26 I met him in the '90's when i was a kid. It's true he is, as is Stephen Fry

  • Karen

    Why, yes, Alexander, I will play with you! *rawr*


  • LCT

    Please someone tell me where #11 is!

  • SadeShadz

    #18 Made me smile on the inside… ♥
    #29 …because the Legend of the Rent, was way hardcore!!!!! xD

  • Theresa

    And where can I find #18 & #10


    LMAO @ # 2…

  • montez

    #1 I want to see how that picture turned out:)

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    I love number one and thirty-five.

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