• ozi ozi ozi oi oi oi

    #31 for fuck sake

  • Susan

    #6 classy

  • me2

    #18- I have one of those that lives behind my computer. 😦

  • kristinsatiable

    Ha I think #13 is super cute actually:-)

    • Piso

      Dear Krishnaji,Thank you very much for sending brief news about Ghandruk, it cetanirly has given us pleasure to know what is going on in Ghandruk.I was born and bred in Ghandruk but due to global migration, currently living in the global village in the UK. As such I am always endeavoring to keep myself up to date with the news and views about Ghandruk. The step you have taken is good for those people living abroad. If you would kindly send us such brief notes at least every six months would be great?Thank you so much.Warmest regards

  • Suz129

    #16 – Coffee flavored hot dogs, *blech!

  • Lisa

    some of these are fake…right??

  • CeigeJay

    I enjoy looking at this post after I've done something air-headed. It makes me feel superbly better about myself.

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  • Makayla

    Not gonna lie… I'd like #13

  • Kimmy

    Go Sally!!!

  • Roger

    #13 now that is a MANLY valentines. Great thinking on their part.

  • Thomas

    sampurna ghandruk basi buba ama dajyu bhai didi bnaihi sabai lai namaskar derai khusi lagyo yo news padna pauda ahile hamro ghandruk gau nepal kai top ma ayeko chha ..ani mathi arko 50 ward bijuli nikalna lageko banera baneko chha sayed 50 ward nabayera 50 k. w. hunu parne jasto lagchha thank you jai mesro

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