• Katie

    That was awesome. I bet that felt so great to go out and experience that. I know he can't weight very much but his arms had to be tired after that!

  • Amanda

    I didn't want to cry today…

  • Chris

    Well done Emily, I take my hat off to you girl.

    I feel very humble now, I believe these people who give their time and lives for others are the real hero's of humanity.


  • Esequiel

    We need the Child Abuse Anti Bullying System (CAABS)in schools. Safeguarding and pronotimg the welfare of children requires effective co-ordination. It is imperative to prevent and also address identification of bullying, abuse and neglect, and CAABS aims to do just that via utilising the school computer to build the child/young person’s confidence, without them having to face anyone in the first instance, particularly useful for vulnerable young people and those lacking self esteem.CAABS needs no reading, writing or talking and takes just 3 simple clicks of a mouse to make a report. All childrens Cries for Help’ are recorded which means some accountable action by the school must be carried out in order to reduce the risk of harm to the individual reporting.CAABS ensures early intervention can ensue by helping children to raise awareness of their plight.

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