Afternoon eye candy: Fernando Torres (28 photos)

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  • Mallory

    His freckles are just adorable. I want to put him in my pocket.

  • meeeee

    #18 and sweet jesus would he ever make cute ones!!!!!! #1❤

  • laguera

    #2 you guys should have voted for Kaka…

  • really????

    wow I cant believe this guy got picked I would much rather look at Ronaldo….way better looking

    • @bwc_baby

      I love Cris but I think Nando is a great choice. I'm a sucker for the freckles

  • Samantha

    Lovely especially in the Chelsea kit. Come on Fernando start scoring xx

  • BritBerrier

    awww he's so cute! he's so young looking❤

  • Torrie

    Too bad he can't even make Chelsea's first team anymore.

    • YowYow

      …some1 is a sour LFC fan, im sorry, could you even make it to the Aston Villa B Team?

  • Ally

    Legit squealed when I saw his face…fave footballer EVAR

    • mcs

      Agreed. Been waiting for this post for forever!

  • @bwc_baby

    Oh Nando dat ass!!

  • zpadilla

    #12 oh god that hit the spot

  • Balorati

    Very cute with the short natural hair colour!

  • jen

    The Anna Kournakova of the futbol world……all packaging, no results.

    • YowYow

      … yea except he finished 2 yrs running as top 3 best players in the world, scored 33 goals in one season @ liverpool which is most goals for a rookie & most goals by an international player in the EPL. im sorry, are good? sour LFC fan..

  • DammitThatsit


  • Marcus

    Don’t get too attached ladies. At this point in his life he can’t score with anything

  • SadeShadz

    At first I was like, 'He won?! -_-' but then I saw #12 #14… *sigh* Long hair suits him best! Super caaute!! ♥

    • SadeShadz

      #23 …melts your heart doesn't it?! Ok am done now xD

  • Anonymous

    He is a beautiful man who had two knee surgeries in a year. It takes a while for you to bounce back from that. I have the utmost confidence in him that he will perform well for La Roja in the EuroCup, provided he can play. Not my favorite footballer, but he’s up there.

  • Sophia

    My second favourite post from The Berry! haha I was talking about Torres today too. What a happy coincidence❤

  • rocklesson86

    I love soccer.

  • jordan

    Used to be in LOVE with him!lol now idk hes not as hot maybe its the 2 kids and his skills have gone down still great but something is different. Anyways love #23&#24 gorgeous

  • jordan

    Also lol LOVE the Freckles!!!!!!! I Melt <333

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