Celebs – airbrush = twitter pics (19 photos)

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  • thaomeow

    #14, yum. How awesome would it be to see him at a gas station, of all places? Haha

  • soda pop

    #4 not airbrushed?

  • London

    #5 Turn around you idiot!

  • misschris

    #12 I hate to admit that I'm jealous of someone so young… but her legs are incredible!

  • tomato

    #7 a nap? really? you're going to get makeup allll over your sheets girl!

    • Samantha

      "Oh me? Just taking a nap with my full face of freshly applied make up!"

  • ilmill

    I couldn't get past Darren Criss, he is my dream man! Gah!

  • friedddddddd

    #19 Great smile… actually looks like she's having fun (without having to shop on Rodeo to have a good time. You go girl… Chelsea rocks!)

  • bodykarmabella

    #7 Yup I nap with a full face of makeup too. FTW! Lol.

  • Shan Mon

    #9 Oh no way – Kim K twit pic'd a picture OF HERSELF?

    NO WAY! That NEVER happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kathryn

      lol that's not Kim K tho

    • alexia

      Sorry to burst your bubble but thats not Kim Kardashian.

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