The Invisible Children. KONY 2012 (Video)

This video was brought to our attention by thousands of Chivers and Berries submitting this video on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Ugandan children that need our help to escape the wrath of a war criminal named Joseph Kony.

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  • Amy

    Educate yourself before you throw money at Kony 2012

    • L_E_Ott

      Thank you! I hate that so many people are just funding these guys' travels and are helping fund an army that is just as bad.

    • SadeShadz

      I am a bit confused. What action should be taken then?

    • Mickey

      The organization is INvisible children. You are a scam. That’s not the tumblr

  • Jessica

    Amy, I fully agree. Here is another interesting article:

  • loridarling

    This campaign is not the way to go. I don't what that right way is, but this is not at all the way to do it. I am not in any way looking down on the passion for helping that people have, but they NEED to see the negative side of this before blindly supporting this cause. They are supporting the local military that has already cause their countries incredible grief and terror. This is a bad deal. Please read the above articles before jumping on board.

    • Jamie

      don't believe one article written by an uneducated critique

      • loridarling

        And so you are just buying into more of what they are saying by taking this article that they wrote about themselves as proof? The proof is in the puddin' and I don't see anything good coming of this. Sorry.

  • run312

    Thanks for the info Amy. I was very on board for this until I read your article. Now I'm continuing to do my research…

  • kneehigh

    I support a concentrated effort to find J. Kony and bring him to justice, in the same way that I want justice for all similar offenders of basic human freedoms. I do not believe that he will find appropriate justice after ICC prosecution, but I will not admonish Invisible Children's efforts to spread awareness about this issue. In a situation like this, it's all that can be done. And it's taken YEARS (and a LOT of money) to finally have this issue brought to the fore of public discussion. I'm glad they're work in raising awareness is finally paying off, but the success of the KONY 2012 movement simply highlights the fact that the majority of international criminals — and I'm talking serious evil here — remain invisible to the public eye. I hope this campaign opens people's eyes to things they would rather not see – that's the only way to incite any real action on these issues, since action by governmental bodies is hard to organize, incentivize, and initiate. Every non-profit and charity organization has its problems and inconsistencies – just look at what happened to Haiti. The real key to solving these problems is not by giving money, but by giving your VOICE: it's the only way that the system of private non-profits will get better, get aid and cooperation from governments, and get regulated.

  • Anonymous

    Your links aren’t working…

  • RandiH

    Please remove this post – or at least post links to help people educate themselves about the situation before they decide to give money to Invisible Children. Research your causes thoroughly. Don’t just post a random video because a mass murderer makes a five-year-old “sad.” Learn a little bit about the complexities of the region’s ongoing strife before advocating for direct military intervention.

  • Danielle

    There is no clear cut answer here. Kony is obviously a bad guy – he has committed unfathomable crimes against humanity, and he should be brought to justice. So, I wouldn't say it's quite a scam on Invisible Children's part, but there ARE more pertinent issues in Uganda (where Kony has not been for 6 years) that could use our attention. The LRA is no longer a clear and present danger to them, they are trying to rebuild their lives, and this is what many people feel we should focus our resources on – not encouraging a growing military presence against an obsolete threat.

  • socalmarti

    International Medical Corps. is a great organization that works with Africa's refugee's if you really care check them out almost all of their money goes directly to medical and food releid for Africa's displaced and there's no politics involved and if anything this Kony2012 video did serve it's purpose because it made us all pay attention to the plight of humanity for a second and not Snooki's pregnancy.

  • Gigi

    Dear Berry,
    i love you. I love you so much I took on a project a few months ago to read every post you have ever made. I had a lot of time on my hands. Somehow I missed this post. A lot of people have been posting about this video and organization. They have been raving about it. The thing is.. it’s not a very reputable charity.
    Here are some great resources to learn more about it (the last one is from my best friend who I am ALWAYS pestering with Berry goodness)

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    The Invisible Children. KONY 2012 (Video) : theBERRY

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