• sit ubu sit good dog

    I bet every one who posts in this breathes a huge sigh of relief to have a weight of their shoulders..

  • mali_sapun

    kudos to all secrets, but this one really made me think: Why did he/she ate it? I mean, a had some 'friends' too, and i think i get it, but would still like to know. #13

    • ChelseaRules

      I want to know why she would eat a desert. I mean, did she eat the whole desert? Or just a couples bites? Was the slug chapped after being in such a dry climate? Was her next bathroom visit like wiping with sandpaper?
      These are the questions I want answered.

      • mali_sapun

        i can't tell if you're serious or mocking? Have you ever been in the position where your 'friends' do something to you?

        • ChelseaRules

          I was mocking. She said, "desert" instead of "dessert" in her secret. A desert is a climate that receives an extremely low amount of precipitation. A dessert (two S's) is a scrumptious after dinner sweet.
          An easy way to remember is that you always want more dessert, which is why it has more letters!

          But I digress. In terms of whether or not I've had friends to crappy things to me: Yes, I have. We would play Truth or Dare all the time and make each other do terrible things. But honestly, even though they seemed awful at the time, I can now say I've streaked, skinny dipped, danced around wearing only children's stickers, rolled around naked in the snow, eaten horrifying concoctions, and made some righteous prank calls. They're now just fun memories and bragging rights.
          But why someone would just willingly eat a slug in their food is beyond me.

      • BPRugger


  • Cat

    #10 No worries. I got fully naked as a kid to go to the bathroom.:) I totally get it. It's kind of inconvenient now, though, like in public places! lol

    • FONZIE

      I have a buddy, Fez, that does this! He basically won't shite at work or in public

  • SadeShadz

    #12 Sad😦 #11 Finding love in strange places ♥
    Love Post Secrets *sigh*

    • JOHN

      #12 How about fuck that guy for wasting his life and his wife's life. Move on from both women, you're screwing over everyone in the equation

      • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla


  • PicklesMcGee

    #2 me too man. me too.

  • Seldi84

    #10 You're not the only one.

    • Srey

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  • http://redbeardbrewing.com reality

    #9 prepare for a life of hell. your child can sense your hate and will feed off it till it corrupts them to a problem child. i've seen it.

    • ...

      this hits home for me. never thought i'd date – no, FALL IN LOVE with a guy with a child. and then have this to deal with. it's tough. but we'll get through it.

  • Anonymous

    #9 … that is super sad…

  • Kimmy

    Me Too.

    • jazzberry


    • tomato

      well, you're free to move to any country you'd like. good luck.

      • Jade

        It is not practical to move to another country, so this response is invalid. One of our country's founding principles is democracy. Citizens not only have a right but a duty to speak their mind and influence the way our country is governed.

  • XOXO

    Why is loving ones curves a secret? What's wrong with that?

  • Laura

    #1 Douche.

    • tomato

      yikes… could have been worse. i bet you learned your lesson.

  • Jess

    #2 me too. WAY more than I should. Sometimes I'll watch an old episode and cry over how much I miss it. Or just listen to the music from it… and cry. One of the best shows ever!

  • Playdoh

    #13 thanks for making me vomit up my brownie and coffee. U jerk

  • LEL

    #12 Damn! So sad… :*(

  • The Mad Zak

    So, the Berry is like the Chive for girls…right?

    • Cee

      Right (but I'm a girl and I love the Chive too)

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