• Tha

    #2 wow I bet you’re a very proud parent by having a daughter that’s beautiful inside and out!:)

  • monica

    #9 SAD.

  • D.J.

    #54 I hope the movie is as good as the show was
    #60 How U doin? TOMMY

  • Pianogirl

    I'm not going to lie, #34 is pretty adorable.

  • Britt


    Locks of Love is NOT a non profit org, and charges between 3500 to 6000 DOLLARS for EACH HAIRPIECE! Wigs for Kids, however, IS non profit, and does not charge for wigs for children. If you could spread this message Berry, I know a lot of people would be shocked.

  • Britt

    #2, I meant, obviously

  • mcs

    hooooly cow, #55. stopped there for a few minutes.

  • He a pansy

    #54 BWAH HA HA. he is so lame. LOOK at her, the big bad aggressor… while he sits there LIMPLY. lol

  • lkm279

    #30 MOAR!!!

    • bday

      is he the guy who plays the hunter in OUAT ?

  • Erin

    #51 how do you think they made those bacon cups?

  • http://twitter.com/vickieAM @vickieAM

    #54 It's GeorgeMichael and Maybe. 1) still creeps me out cause they're cousins. 2) Then? No, no. It's "than".

  • girlnamedlisa

    #4….where do I buy?!?!

  • Kari

    SO many good ones, where do you start??? #7, #27, #31, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #40, #48…

  • PicklesMcGee

    #4 someone needs to tell me where I can buy this!!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #59.. what kind of cat is this?

  • LGG

    #51 and #52 – recipes please:)

  • Marcelo

    The food was delicious (especially the crtssianos, bread, and fresh mozzarella salad, and the omelet was really well made), but they were very disorganized.No greeting or explanation of what was going on, no plates or bowls (the chef was washing dishes when we came in), no offer for coffee refill, only orange juice (and they ran out of that for a while), salt and pepper hidden behind the serving table (I only saw them as I was on my way out), no spoons or stirring sticks near the sugar and cream (for coffee), no butter for the bread, like that. (The staff was so busy and frazzled, I felt guilty to ask for anything.) When it got busy, the music was just a little too loud with everyone screaming.Several things were not there when we arrived (crtssianos and salmon cucumber sandwiches, which were the only sandwiches on offer), others ran out while we were there (although the staff was working hard to put new dishes of food out). We had to ask for an omelet (after being told the buffet only included what was on the table). I think the only quiche was bacon and zucchini, which I mention as a vegetarian, because I’ve had their vegetable quiche and it was really nice. (It would have been helpful to have labels on the food, so we wouldn’t have to ask or guess what was what.) They did not have French toast (very disappointing)! I didn’t see crab salad either.Truly nice people, but they need to work out the kinks. $20 per person is pretty expensive for what was basically a simple Continental breakfast (with a vegetable and cheese omelet), even if the salads and baked goods were wonderful (and fresh basil in some of the salads and omelets was a great touch). We were surprised not to see a selection of mini tarts or something the usual Table Exquise pastries in miniature portions, or some brioche maybe. Super nice people, very sweet and friendly, and they were trying and working hard. The food was delicious, but it’s hard to justify the price, in my opinion. When I went they were full and lively and busy, and I hope it works out well and gets bigger and better!

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