Afternoon eye candy: Carlos Bocanegra (27 photos)

You voted for last Thursday's AEC. Fernando Torres won but Carlos Bocanegra was a close second. You should check him out...

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  • @angel_elle

    YUM! this man is perfection! Thank you for the BocaBoca post!!! Luv luv luv it!! ^_^

    • jen

      Oh my goodness… love a dirty boy.😉
      Thank you…

  • @bwc_baby

    I love that man
    USA USA USA!!!

  • mcs

    oh my god, dimples. swoon.

  • Minnie

    You had me at dimples

  • alleykay

    #27 I'll take two please…

  • Carlos logo | Oxuyentt

    […] Afternoon Eye Candy: Carlos Bocanegra Photo Gallery : theBERRY […]

  • Buffy87

    EXTRA YUMMY!!!! ;D

  • Agnes

    Baby can I?!!!

    Okay so obviously following football and basketball is what I've been doing wrong all these years.

  • rocklesson86

    Soccer players are so yummy.

  • Alexis

    yummy this guy is so sexy i wood do him right now

  • misschris

    #23 swoon! Those dimples…!

  • Ryan

    It's good to see the US Captain getting some love. Now, take that desire ladies, and go attend some USA Soccer matches (or at least watch them on tv). Added bonus, they are often shirtless at the end of the match to exchange uniforms with other soccer players. It's a win-win ^_^

  • jordan

    #12 and #17 hes so hot!reminds me of a ethnic Christian bale yummy;)

  • Alexi

    He's ok, for a little man.

  • DarciHard

    Hey! If you know someone (and by someone I mean your boyfriend or friend)

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