• change4thebest

    I would love every single one of those for dinner tonight, please and thank you!

    • Ellington3

      If this is a visual menu then I will have one of EVERYTHING please!! : )


    THANKS BERRY…once AGAIN you had me sprinkle some salt and pepper on my computer!…lol

  • SadeShadz

    People crave apples? Hell, gimme #20 and #21… I've been seriously craving these today!

  • jactue K

    What is #7 and is there alcohol in it?

  • D.J.

    I've made my grocery list out going through this post plus gained 15 pounds.

  • breezy

    Ugh. I both love and hate you for this. Looks like pizza and cookies for dinner!

  • Sabine

    Mother of god,… Is #25 French toast sandwiching nutella!?!?

  • mimi

    #33 for some reason i've been craving oranges a lot. maybe im low on vit c

  • Nikki

    #22 oh my….

  • Bunny on nite shift

    Food porn! I had a really great dinner and now I'm hungry again!

  • XMarcellusX

    #2 #31 I would kill for those right now..

  • Miriam

    Please Berry, I'm trying to be fit here😉

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