Daily Awww: You have always been this cool… (37 photos)

It's true, Berries have always been this cool. There's nothing like a nice dose of nostalgia. Thanks for sending these photos to put a smile on all of our faces! Click SUBMIT or mail yours to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan and Alex

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  • Lynne

    #37 I had that same house!:) It was in our basement!

  • Carly

    #33 Crown Royale bags were the best! I thought I was fancy when I managed to get one from parties as a little kid hahaha

  • Ashley

    #36 is that napoleon dynamite? =)

    • J Foster

      LOL – I totally looked like Napoleon Dynamite! My new claim to fame! Gotta love my baby brother for posting these…..the 80's were not good to me!

  • Sfieetjj

    #32 Way to cute!

  • Susie

    1954 was a good year!

  • Theresa

    #30 Love the animaniacs!

  • Leigh

    I had that same pony!

  • artistsgottaart

    #8 is it a dog now? (wrong thread!)

  • HDoherty08


    That's me, 22 years ago! Aw, thanks, Berry! This totally made my day.

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