• Sarah

    during a hangover, only #32 helps me…however right now, i could eat any of the other things.😀

  • meeeee

    #15 is a damn good thing to eat at 5am if your still awake and drunk. my excuse is the carbs soaks up the alcohol…….

  • Katherine

    Okay, Berry, it's just not fair for there to be a Motivation post and a fried/unhealthy food post in the same day… they just cancel each other out!! haha

  • Haleah

    #5 A million times yes! Not only when hungover, but esp. when hungover, lol.

    • CHH

      OMG these are those Pizzaronis things right? LOVED them!

  • jdanielep22

    this is soooo sinful

  • sam

    so hungry now!!

  • samringo

    I'm drunk right now and this all looks so good, I could almost eat my own hand,

  • K

    #12. My total drunk food of choice! Love it!

  • soda pop

    #25…..I love you.

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