• Nooni

    I don’t think I can wear one, mainly bc I don’t have the figure to pull it off… But also, going to the barroom seems like Quite an ordeal!

  • no jumpsuits

    one word- fugly

  • TheQueeeen

    It sucks having to get completely naked just to pee…

  • meeeee

    I like ones like #20 ….. but good lord is Jessie J ever terrifying in #9 and #10 …. scary.

  • Fin

    What is up with Kim Kardashian's genie-esque get up, it makes her look like a tiny, squat oompa loompa. More than usual even! I'm pretty sure the last thing you want when you're very short and curvy is an outfit that makes you look even shorter and twice as wide. More baffling even than this is, WHY DO I CARE ABOUT ANYTHING THAT WOMAN DOES? Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself.

    In summation, jumpsuits? No.

  • Irish Ali


  • misschris

    #4 and #22 I actually really love!

  • njjw

    I like #3 I couldnt pull it off but I like. Agreed that going to the bathroom would be a hassle.

  • njjw

    OOPS big mistake. I meant I like #2!!!
    #3 is terrible!

  • Katie

    Some are no's, some are HELL No's #3 and some… okay one is good #2

  • Andi

    I really like #5, you have to be pretty stick thin for them though. Some of these are great, but not anything I’d ever wear.

  • pamela

    #6 #15 #2

    no, chelsea handler, just no.

    Faith Hill would look good in a paper bag, but I really like this jumpsuit.

    A couple of them are cute, but like most things, it depends on the person and the style.

    Actually think Cameron Diaz looks good in hers.

  • JOHN


  • Crea

    everything looks so natural and effortless on Kim K and everything looks trailer park trash on Chelsea Handler… I don't think any of these ladies except Kim pulled it off

  • Rachel

    i think it only looks good if you can pull it off. certain people can do it, and it looks great. but others, eh.

  • Anon

    #10 made me start humming "Cruella Deville"

  • Franklin1138

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I have yet to see a jumpsuit look sexy on a woman. Janelle Monae looks really cute in #20, but that's because she's got the jacket with it. Jumpsuit on its own does not look like an item of clothing that should ever be worn, even if you've got a great figure.

  • Amanda

    #3 Are you kidding me? That just looks stupid.

  • Mike

    My opinion: they don't look good on any women.

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  • Ririn

    Thank you Ms C for sounding the alarm! The jupisumt has got to be one of the most difficult to wear and least flattering fashion trends since the hoop skirt with a giant butt bow.

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