• Gary

    what the eff is wrong with people

  • OzT78

    If #30 is a before then after, they did a damn good job… sadly though…

  • SquirePete

    #4 DAYUM!!!!
    #12…I don't really know who to respond to this. Shot to the head, incineration, mix with whiskey, swallow and shit. That might kill it.
    #17 Started out a man
    #19 ma'am u were more attractive in pic A. Now you look desperate. Thats is all

  • Strawberry

    The bride of Wildenstein looks so creepy that I find it difficult to believe that she is actually a human being… or… is she?…

  • Alex

    # 12 -I actually saw on TV that she is going through a sex change (she was a man) and she couldnt afford actual plastic surgery, so she met some people online who "would do it cheaper" and they ended up putting cement in her cheeks, which is shy it looks so horrible, also they didn't use anesthesia so it was incredibly painful. She was on TV to warn people not to do this, to get it done professionally. It's so sad though😦 -and because it is cement, (it crystallized and hardened) it cant come out….ever :[ so sad :(( -hopefully people will learn though. Plastic surgery looks bad, just be you're natural beautiful self! :))

  • guest

    Looks like a tan Winona Ryder

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