Surprise Randomness (39 photos)

Well hello everyone from FB and Twitter! You were the first to find out about this Surprise Randomness today. You should probably tell all your friends to LIKE us on Facebook, too!
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • @DanaShades

    I just want to wear this shirt.

  • meeeee

    #31 please please never stop reposting this. UGH it just made my day so much better… Sad? NOPE!!!

    • Ellington3

      YES to that !!!:)

  • mimi

    #33 err but it might be thrown out or lost without noticing.
    and using it at the store would be embarassing. but cute idea

  • Ellington3


    So adorable!:)

  • PicklesMcGee

    omg I NEED a tutorial for this!! #37

  • lola

    #28 do want

  • did

    #16 – so are we supposed to hang around with people who taste good?

  • lola

    #30 – Does anyone else see the 'eat p*ssy' on the bottom left in blue???

  • Whiskey


  • SadeShadz

    #13 *gasp*
    #37 so pretty!

  • Jessi

    #37 Too difficult to do on myself😦

  • whitt

    #33 I have to mention that it would still get stolen. back in the day I had $100 bucks stashed that same way a houskeeper in the hotel I was staying at found it and took it.

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