Spring On: Pastels (26 photos)


Click HERE if your like your fashion a little darker!

  • PicklesMcGee

    its all very cute… except for #6. what in potato sack hell is going on here? and those stockings… on those twig legs… with the gloves…and red lips?? The whole thing. Its just… a mess!

  • mimi

    #10 WANT X10000

  • tomato

    #26 love that blazer. the photo is cool too- something about the cherry blossoms and the shade.

  • xboo

    #14 i want the shoes. do you know who they're by?

  • doerte

    i really like the fact that all those skinny girls here have small-ish boobs and it's not a big deal. they still look fab!

  • Anita

    Does anyone know where the minty shoes in #21 come from or similar? Must own…drool…

  • artistsgottaart

    #3 those shoes + that stone street = bad news bears

  • Coribeth

    #6 the gloves #14 the shoes

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