• Skye

    Cute and funny, very nice! :)

  • SadeShadz

    He's kinda lame but I love #4:)

  • Jenny Michele


  • sleepingchrissy

    Love it! I miss Scrubs

  • SleepySara

    No Berry Break today???

  • rocklesson86

    Yes he is hot and funny.

  • theo huxtable

    Why is he so good looking? Really. And I bet he gives really nice hugs.

    • lol

      HES NOT

  • OhiO

    He has always been adorable but has aged soooooo well. Gets better and better!

  • lol

    well this eye candy didn't turn out that great considering only 8 ppl made comments and we had over 100 comments trying to choose eye candy ….sorry lady but he's not that cute ..I mean he's ok….but def was better choice of guys to pick


    what a fucking SHAM!!!! Zack got 24 votes….Eric Dane got 35 votes!!!! why ask for votes when you (alex- the idiot) are going to pick the winner!!!! BOOOOOOOOO I will def not vote any more YOUR wasting everyone's time!!

    • Ivory

      You're* as in you are, not "your". She doesn't own "wasting everyone's time". S'all I'm sayin'. However, I share your sentiment. It should have been McDreamy or McSteamy, they were clearly the superior candidates.

  • Ivory

    REALLY? REALLY? Patrick Dempsey (!), Eric Dane, Hugh Laurie, and George Clooney were on offer… PATRICK DEMPSEY… and the people choose Zach Braff? This is why democracy shouldn't be allowed.

  • she's a witch

    i don't think any of his serious pictures are attractive really….I love him in scrubs and in any other setting he's just weird to me

  • Natalie Ann

    This makes me want to go watch some Scrubs= my favorite show.

  • Candice

    #19 …that bottom right picture is great. =)

  • Kimmy

    This McLoser? You must be kidding!

  • CrimsonTin

    Y U LEAVE SCRUBS?!?!?! D:

  • Dawnabelle

    #6 He is frisking adorable!!

  • arwen

    No Garden State or The Last Kiss pics? Such great movies.

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