Celebs – airbrush = twitter pics (18 photos)

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  • SultanOfSwing7

    I've got a Bill Fucking Murray T-shirt link that I'm not using. First girl to send me a picture of her in her skivvies to sultanofswing77@gmail.com will get the link!

  • Sarah

    #17 it's his birthday today!!! i have no idea why i know that…

  • tomato

    #3 that is one awesome photo

  • Haleah

    #15 Hooray!

  • fercyccone

    when the show comes to an end, part of me will go with, definitely worth watching
    Marcia Cross is super fabulous as always…

  • PeaJay

    Haha! Wonder if she realises she tweeted one of his movie titles – "Can't Hardly Wait"? LOL

  • sam

    oh damon!!!!!!!!!!!

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