#5 Looks get you noticed, they don't keep us with you. Women underestimate the value of their personality. I wouldn't date a heavy woman that is insecure just like I wouldn't date a glamour model who is always trying to reassure herself of her beauty via a bathroom mirror and an iPhone. A curvy woman who is HEALTHY and confident is daaamn sexy. Sara Rue, Jennifer Love Hewitt, even Adele. Also see: any Brazilian woman

    • PA Chivette

      Thank you for that, John! We all have those, "I'm fat," moments, though, and as long as you guys realize that it's just part of being female and reassure us (and yes, I do mean RARELY!) that we're perfect for you, we'll get over it. =)

    • fercyccone

      So true, what matter the most is our personality, how we look is important, but only if you think it matters, one can live an entire life without looking in a mirror, but cannot go a day without looking inside to see if his attitudes are fair or not….
      Aside from that, you're so right about Brazil, i'm Brazilian, and here people can be very "whatever, if you like it good, if you don't f**k you"

    • Mmmm

      *EVEN* the extremely talented multi-grammy winning mega successful artist living her life's work, Adele. Thanks but no thanks. That kind of mentality is the problem, frankly. AND Jennifer Love Hewitt is hideous for a Hollywood actress and can't act. She's in an industry where all you have to be is good looking and have acting skills and frankly has neither. Should have read, "even Jennifer Love Hewitt"

      • Jules-CO

        ^ Men like you are why women feel insecure.

        • Hugh

          Men? I think Mmmm's more likely a woman. Most men I know appreciate JLH.

      • arwen

        Adele is beautiful, and JLH is a bombshell and I don't know a single guy who disagrees. That said, I don't agree with supporting obesity when there isn't something medically wrong that makes you that way. Curves are beautiful, and I think slightly fuller women (Scarlett Johannson, for example) are far more attractive than stick thin ones. That said, getting so big that it is going to strongly effect your health is self-destructive (Though I adore her, Adele, for instance). I don't criticize being overweight, but it just saddens me when someone doesn't care enough about themselves to let it get to such an extreme.

  • BritBerrier

    #13 – I am an anatomy student, and just today I had the privilege of meeting a gentleman who is going to donate his body – whilst I was holding the brain of my cadaver for this semester. It's humbling, and any med student should be humbled.

    • PA Chivette

      I can't imagine a med student NOT being respectful of the gift given by the donor. To me, if you can't be respectful in a Gross Anatomy class, you don't BELONG in med school.:)

    • http://littlelovelylily.blogspot.com/ Lola

      i am a med student. before we had our anatomy class, we had a service in remembrance of those who donated their bodies so we could treat them with the respect they deserve. And was a very life-changing moment, when I saw that indeed, they needed our respect and the moment we saw their bodies for the first time.
      As time went by, and as much time as we spent with them, they end up being your classmates, your workplace, your book. It helps a bit to deal with it not to see them as humans beings anymore because if you do, you won't be able to go through opening the bodies and learning from them. I know it may sound wrong, but there's no other way of doing it. I don't know how to explain, it's a really weird feeling.

  • tcja4

    #1 When did brushing teeth in the shower become weird and secretive? I do it. Even Jennifer Aniston said she does it. That seems a silly secret.

    • fercyccone

      you would be surprised….

      • guy

        I don't think it's weird but I could never do it soley because I couldn't stand having the warm/hot water in my mouth. And yes, I know that ^ ^ is weird :)

        • Jules-CO

          I don't like the warm water in my mouth either…But my sink is right next to the shower so I multitask:)

    • sleepingchrissy

      I do it too!

  • SadeShadz

    #4 Sad and unhealthy.😦 *sigh*

  • sleepingchrissy

    #7 how I feel right now.

  • Not

    #7 than – not then, and you're a teacher?

    • So wrong...

      I hope it's bad grammar and not true and therefore so gross!!

    • ChelseaRules

      Just because he's a teacher doesn't mean he's good at grammar. He never alluded to being an English teacher.

  • Lau

    #10 creepy much? Not the fantasy but the fact that you made a duplicate of a key while house sitting…

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