• BritBerrier

    #26 is so cute!

  • Th.Rosenberger

    #22 still can't sing. ohhh and… same face in every picture…

    • Smurfy

      She made $31 mil this past year! I can't sing either, where's my $31 million!😦

  • Claire

    Can we see more of #12? I want to see how that turned out.

  • jane

    #30 Is an insult to Harry Potter. That show is overrated and not funny.

    • Becky

      oh please that show is one of the smartest funniest shows that CBS has put on in years!

  • angel9

    #46 You are so sexy! Yum😀

  • Liz_O

    #32 Huh, I didn't know Mary Poppins was a Gryffindor.😄

  • Nash

    The chive has redhead girls, its nice to see a cute redheaded boy for once. Any chance of having a redhead section on the berry? #12

  • Tania

    #28 heeellllllo!! Roar!

  • Whitney

    #52 makes my heart melt😀

  • SARmedic

    #15 Wait. What? I don't even…

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    #2 May i present to you the newly crowned king of douche….Love your self much eh

    • ander

      you read my mind.

    • drea619

      hata! he's exxtra hot just what i needed to start my day!

    • Skeptis

      wow so much judgement based on a pic. You get the same crap from guys on the chive when women post their pics.

  • bodykarmabella

    #11 Ewww I just threw up in my mouth a little😦
    #15 Exactly, so true.
    #22 WORD!

  • simpson

    #8 The old days!❤ Bam and his cute face!

    #39 ALL THE TIME!!😦



  • Ashley

    CUTIE. Handsome little man.

  • ArmyWife

    #26 – Typical Air Force…

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    Very very nice wallpapers post.

  • kirah

    #50 what in the hell is that?!?

  • LikesToBerry

    #50 The hell…?!

  • SoundChick

    Why don't you shower together? Conserve water and have potential morning sexy times!!!

  • Mary

    #26 haha so cute

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