• Jasmine

    #26 Those are sonic screwdrivers. Doctor who inspired drinks, so awesome.

  • Crea

    interesting fact: St. Patric, the patron saint of Ireland wasn't Irish at all:)

    • monkeybrains

      He was Welsh. Even better, the patron saint of Wales (St. David) had an Irish mother.

  • Beena Dorgan

    Just so you know, we Irish are horrified that people would turn beer green, and don't even mention that you do that to Guinness!!!!

  • Michaela

    Just saying, but no true Irishman drinks green beer or Irish car bombs. You don't mess with good quality beer or whiskey.

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  • Éire32

    Spelling on 12 is wrong…
    Should be Éireann go brách…

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